Question: The idea that media would bec…

Question: The idea that media would become non for profit concerns me. Why do you think non-for-profit model is where its going? You haven’t commented at all on public radio or television.

JS: I do not have the road map. I’m not an economist. If the legacy media goes down the tubes there’s going to be a vacuum. I hope people will still want news. Yes, Internet is an excellent platform. Good for democracy to have independence of non profit as opposed to commercial Schools may be suffering but we have the best system of higher education in the world. We should have an assemblage like that in journalism that could perhaps merge with education.

Public TV, to me, is huge national disappointment and embarrassment. Set up to be an independent alternative quality, non commercial public system. It is not that. It has given up on being non commercial. They’ve been under the thumb of congress forever. A lot of reasons why programming is skewed. Could produce better journalism and do much better, I think. Public radio however is the greatest succes story of American journalism. It is the elite electronic journalism that we have. Hopefully it will only get better. NPR is a great system and what public TV should aspire to be. Also a political problem because we support public TV with a pathetically low amount of support.