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Questions so far:

Question: How can artists maintain legal rights over their work?  How can law and art coexist in the future?
CN: “I would like to be able to contain the ways in which it exercises power.  Putting human judgement into fair use.  It does seem to be the case, and you can see why it is the case, there is vastly more music being produced and the wuality has vastly improved.  What you can do in a garage now is way better than you can do some time ago.  Pornography business also complaining exactly the way the music industry can!  Too much amateur porn that’s just as good!  Capacity to produce great stuff is now much more in our own hands by reason of the technological revolution.

Question: What’s your opinion about a court case involving patents for business methods
People can see you are actually giving monopolies out.  Monopolies were very much criticized in American colonies of British environment.  Jefferson supported first patent system.  They became issued like toilet paper, TICKETS TO LITIGATION.  Attaining a patent was no longer a big deal…it was the litigation of it.

Question: Will the internet ever be definined as a human right?
That’s backwards.  I am much more interested in having what you might call “local law” that says you cant kick me off the net if I want to fight it without getting a jury that is willing to do it in similar circumstances.  Much more interested in that than a treaty none could enforce.

Question: How do individual artists make money?  How do you protect individual properties?
Jamaica was most vibrant musical environment before copyright was an issue. Your vision of the real world with individual artists and copyrights is wrong. Its the publisher that’s the one that gets the copyright. The publisher is not an attractive rhetorical figure. The fact is, you are up against a total giant.

Just imagine, total connection. Suddenly no law whatsoever and we start from scratch to make a law. Would we think to make a law to assert power of the state over all the bits floating around in the world?