“New media are excellent reservoirs and…

“New media are excellent reservoirs and aggregators. Fills crucial data vacuums. It can also spread rumors, or crush them. Twitter responsible for spreading false rumor in July that Harrison Ford drowned. It can still do a lot of mischief before getting caught and corrected. Nothing would delight me more than an excuse to eulogize the Mainstream Media. I have radical ideas of what should replace them. I’ve gotten over the fact that my kids don’t read print news. I’m worried about young people getting a grasp on civic engagement. All of those people are citizens that need to grasp.

We need a mainstream media, or MSN. Just not the one we have. Minimal spin to bind us as communities. We’ve had partisan news for centuries and now we have it on cable as well.

We need some news that strives to be nonpartisan to stabilize conversation. Perfect objectivity only found in numbers and identities. Everything organized and framed, interpreted. We need ideology in certain quarters….. If all we have is Bill O’Reilly and Keith Oberman, something is lost. The civility of only talking with ideological components and certain dignity.