Jeff’s Conclusion Non-profit media is…

Jeff’s Conclusion

Non-profit media is the answer. We don’t run our schools or universities for profit, why should news be any different?

Focused activism can steer evolutionary process. Democracies always evolving, and ours will evolve into a non-profit model. Internet is a big part. Demo. systems don’t simply unfold on their own. They’re social organisms. Legal structures evolve along with cultural influences. At some point in that evolution new media may prove to be tipping point. Knowledge is a core democratic value. News, like education, must be rescued from marketplace.

Powerful independent media sector is crucial step. Commercial media created isolated levels of excellence. The narrowing of range of acceptable opinion is limited on coverage of diversity. The duality of news is only one side of this problem; the supply side. Demand side also important.

We need higher levels of civic literacy. Ultimately its the public conciousness of what democracy is that determines the course and pace of change.

Only the software of the human brain can create good journalism. If new media can replace it better, bring it on, but first show me the money.