CN: Q & A cont’d

Great discussion about libraries and property rights with this question:
Question/Comment: Libraries should be free but they’re not. It should be more like the internet, what’s up with that?
CN: Google book settlement, public libraries have one window.

Harvard is run by a corporation of 6 people who have secret meetings. Idea of free stuff runs against very much in contest now in a way that was never an issue before.

Professor Laura J. Miller: Public libraries are extremely important resources for communities.  “We have to go back to 80s when public support coincided with tax revolts.  Number of states had local taxes cut.  Financing in general, for these storehouses or disseminaters of info and knowledge, public libraries need our support and encouragement ot tax.  Its a real problem in this country.  Libraries are dying.

Librarian: Copyright breeches into library as well.  We have to pay expensive licenses.  Only so many simultaneous users.  We would love to make it free, but we are paying huge processing fee because we run into licensing restrictions.  I don’t think its a human right to be able to make your money in a certain way.  Our culture as a whole should support innovation. Putting us on a precipice, changing or culture in a way that seems very frightening.  A lot of money at stake.  It looks ridiculous to the public.  Now what can we do? Can we bring copyright back to short time limit so money is limited?  Can we use creative licensing to make things more freely available to share?  What are demands we can make to move us forward?